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The perfect recipe of an amazing show! Ingredients:
4 stretching cables • 1 pole 5 m height• 8 volunteers holding up the pole
1 crazy acrobatic artist • Add sympathy and acrobatics at choice
Blend everything together and you will sample a thrilling show, which will leave you an entertaining and breath-taking taste! Ready to enjoy?

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A ship is about lo leave for a voyage, which is poised between dream and adventure. Bakika is an acrobatic and entertaining/amusing show, where the story of our ancestors, who emigrated towards distant and enchanting Chilean lands, mingles with the flavour of people of the past.
These whole elements create a ‘50s bittersweet fresco with an amazing combination of different disciplines: acrobatic (on the ground) and on the Chinese pole, objects’ manipulation, dance, magic and great charisma.
Directed by Milo e Olivia, through the passion and the boldness peculiar to the circus techniques, this artist introduces us to the rediscover of his roots, which turn out to be the poetic part of the story, thanks to his comic spirit and his technical bent.
Thanks to the magic of the theatre. Mistral becomes a young less well-to-do man, who, in front of the keel of a leaving ship, would be ready to put himself in anybody’s shoes not to lose the opportunity to voyage. Everybody on board!

Mauricio Villarroel, grandson of Italian immigrants, grew up in a quiet town in the north of Chile called Iquique, already showing from a child his great ability for the sport. At the age of 12 he gives his first steps in artistic gymnastics, and 10 years later, following a successful sporting career, he decided to move to the dance world, maintaining anyway the link with the artistic gymnastics founding the company "Olympia" of which he has been the coach.
In 2000 with his great friend Francisco Rojas he founded the DUO TOBARICH , an acrobatic duo very successful specialized in the discipline of acro-balance with which he will travel the world, especially in Italy, where he will participate to the most important festivals of street theater and major events, even going so far to collaborate with the Cirque du Soleil at the after party of the show "Dralion" in Vienna.
Currently, as a result of an intense artistic research, he takes the artistic name of MISTRAL, he has been inspired by the great Chilean poet and literature Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral , and also by the wind "Mystral", affecting the town of Rapallo on the Ligurian coast from where his ancestors originate. Nowadays he lives in Italy, and after a specialization in Chinese pole, he presents the emotional show Bakika earning praises from the critics.

Mistral - Mauricio Villarroel


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